company introduction

  • sea ​​freight

Hon Ngoc Viet Service Company Limited was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Hanoi. Hon Ngoc Viet has proved to be one of the leading companies in the field of international freight forwarding and import. In addition, we are proud It can bring added value in the chain of logistics operations and become the trusted friend of the customer

With the goal of developing the fleet, customs procedures, packing, warehouse … In 2012, the company has set up Hai Phong branch to consolidate the best logistics supply chain in northern Vietnam. In 2010, Hon Ngoc Viet will continue to expand its branch in Ho Chi Minh City and it is expected that in 2016, it will develop its agent network in Quy Nhon and Da Nang.

Hon Ngoc Viet Service Co., Ltd is a member of prestigious transportation associations such as: VLA, MFN, WCA, with the aim of establishing strategic relationships with prestigious logistics partners all over the world. the world and supply the supply network to customers in the best way

With the foundation of quite adequate infrastructure such as extensive warehouse system, strong vehicle fleet, combining the global professional agent system and high quality human resources, Hon Ngoc Viet Company is step by step. Combining all of our strengths to create a complete chain of supply solutions package for customers. We are proud of always accompanying the development of customers with the desire and willingness to cooperate with all partners in the spirit of respect, equality and mutual benefit.